Day and 登机; Grades 6-12



Our annual spring Chariot Races, hosted by our Latin students, feature small teams of students who build and race their own versions of Roman chariots.

At 正规买球app排行学校, educational excellence comes first. But although our students do work hard, they play hard, too. After school, athletics, drama, 俱乐部, and all kinds of 社区服务 activities take place. And the Student Center is always buzzing with students talking, 一起工作, having a bite at the snack bar, 或打乒乓球. You'll find that no matter what you are interested in, there is a group of other students interested in it, too--or you can start your own activity and invite others to join you.

Every 中学 and 上学校 student at 正规买球app排行 has countless opportunities to join in 周末活动, 学生领导, 俱乐部, 社区服务,以及更多.

Whether you are a day or boarding student, you are invited—and we expect you!—to participate in one or more of these great activities that can build memories and give you friends that will last a lifetime.