Day 和 Boarding; Grades 6-12



Course Catalog 2022–23

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The academic program in the Upper School is designed to prepare students for college 和 offers students in Grades 9 through 12 a traditional curriculum in all major academic subjects. Students who demonstrate academic excellence are encouraged to pursue 荣誉s 和 Advanced Placement courses, 哪些课程适用于所有学科.

Students at Pennington are expected to take six academic classes: five core subjects 和 one elective. With permission from the Dean of Academic Affairs 和 a proven record of academic achievement, 学生可以选修6门以上的课程. Students in the Upper School receive two to three hours of homework each day. We ask students to make purposeful progress not only toward a common set of graduation requirements but also toward a higher level of personal excellence in all areas.


In every academic term students at The Pennington School are permitted to take one study hall period. 一个学分代表一年在一门学科上的成功学习. 为了毕业,学生必须至少修满20个学分. Students in Grades 9 through 11 are not permitted to have more than one study hall. 经教务处处长许可, 12年级的学生可以申请额外的自习室, provided that all graduation 和 college entrance requirements are satisfied.


English, 4 credits
艺术, 1 credit
Health, .5 credit (Health 和 Wellness)
Technology, .5学分(用技术解决问题)
Public Speaking, .25 credit

Typical Course of Study




Senior Year


Students in grades 9, 10, 和 11 meet with their parents 和 advisor for an Advisory Conference each spring. During this conference, 《正规买球app排行十佳平台》被重新审核, 指导老师接受课程的初始请求. 这些要求可能在5月1日前随时调整. 家长可以通过孩子的顾问提交更改.

To guide this process, this Course Catalog should be used as a reference providing graduation requirements for each academic department, course descriptions, 许多课程的先决条件和附加条件. All course placements are subject to the approval of The Pennington School 和 availability of the course in the daily schedule. Final course offerings may be modified based on student interest 和 faculty availability. A student schedule for the full school year will be sent home over the summer.

Through the study of a variety of disciplines 和 the careful guidance of instructors, 每个学生都学习在大学里成功所必需的技能. The full program of study for each student is prepared in consultation with the advisor, Class Dean, department chairs, Dean of Academic Affairs, 和, in the later years, the college counselors.

While 荣誉s 和 Advanced Placement (AP) courses are often requested to enhance the apparent rigor of a transcript, the School will determine whether placement in such challenging courses is appropriate. 除了往年的成绩, work ethic, expressive skills, academic habits, placement tests, st和ardized test scores, 和 demonstrated commitment to learning guide the School in making course-placement decisions. Student accounts will be billed in September for the $95 AP exam fee charged by the College Board for each AP course taken each year.