Day and 登机; Grades 6-12



Group of students wearing white tshirts in a v-formation

Every 上学校 student has a faculty advisor in his or her life, one who provides unconditional support and the resources to guide academic and personal growth. 指导老师帮助学生设定目标, monitor academic and extracurricular progress, 从事服务项目, facilitate discussions from world events to character development and make recommendations for the following year. Since faculty advisors are considered the “hub” of information related to a student, he/she is just as much an advisor to parents as he/she is to the student. 顾问 meet with their advisory groups (consisting of 6-10 students) for one scheduled meeting every other week in addition to individual meetings that take place during the alternate weeks, 或者在自习室, 上学前或放学后, 在午餐, 或根据需要. Freshmen are assigned advisors for their first year; after that year, students choose their advisors.


The 院长的学生 is responsible for all aspects of student life, including maintaining the discipline system and overseeing the boarding program, 住宅生活, 学生活动, 体育部门, 校园安全, 学校的咨询项目, 和健康中心. The 院长的学生 works closely with the Dean of Academic Affairs to verify that students are present and accounted for in their daily and after-school schedules.


类院长 are the center of information regarding all students and activities within a designated grade level. 类院长 can take advantage of all the systems and resources in place to ensure that each student has the opportunity to achieve individual excellence. 中学 类院长 are also responsible for seeing that each grade's program is purposeful, 协调, 和明确的.


同行的领导人 are members of the senior class who volunteer their time to attend a daily 同行的领导人hip class, to work weekly with the freshmen on Friday mornings, as well as doing numerous other activities outside of the traditional class day. As part of the curriculum for 同行的领导人hip, students engage in community service learning. 同行的领导人 apply for membership in this program in the spring of their junior year, 都是由教师小组挑选的. Peer Leader groups consist of about 10-12 freshmen and two 同行的领导人, one girl and one boy. 同行的领导人 serve as role models for the younger students in our community, and are actively involved in freshman orientation and helping students as they transition to high school.

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