Day and 登机; Grades 6-12



当博士. Edmund Cervone established The Center for Learning at 正规买球app排行学校 in 1975, 他明确表达了这个项目的使命,这个项目至今仍然存在. This mission includes the tenet that students who learn differently than their more typical peers — students who have been labeled as learning disabled —should have full access to a college preparatory program. Dr. Cervone envisioned an academic environment that honored the individuality of all learners — those with learning disabilities and those without — and approached teaching in such a way that all students had the opportunity not only to achieve but to attain individual excellence. At the time that it was articulated, this vision may have seemed somewhat radical. 即使在今天, there are still those who may think that addressing the needs of students with learning disabilities within a college preparatory setting runs the risk of compromising the “rigor” of the academic program. Over forty-five years of experience serving students with learning disabilities at 正规买球app排行学校 has shown us otherwise. 在阐明他的学习哲学时. 塞万提斯断言“理解超越了记忆。, 冗长, 和覆盖范围, 过程和内容具有同等的价值, 多元智能的存在, … and that the best principles of learning for students with differences or disabilities are the best principles for all students.”

Working to continually develop and refine a curriculum that will help students to meet the changing demands of college and life in the 21st century provides exciting opportunities for educators. 从埃德蒙五世的角度来看. 塞万提斯学习中心, the opportunity goes beyond reasserting our founding beliefs about learning, 然而. 适用于有学习障碍的学生, this reframing of educational goals represents a move even further away from a focus on some of the basic skills that may have represented stumbling blocks in the past. Just as the need to spend tremendous amounts of instructional time addressing spelling problems — a common difficulty for students with dyslexia — has faded in importance with the rise of simple technology tools such as spell check, we see a move to curricular goals that are accessible by their very nature. 专注于高阶思维技能的课程, 跨学科理解, 协作, 创造力, and real-world problem-solving abilities appropriately challenges all students. 对于那些学习方式“不一样”的人来说,” that difference can be a strength that they can bring to bear to meet these curricular goals.

The concurrent development and further refinement of educational and assistive technologies adds to the excitement. 虽然不是灵丹妙药, we can make available assistive technologies that can provide ways to get over, 下, 还有很多潜在的障碍. Voice recognition software allows students to use their strong verbal abilities without being hampered by problems with written expression. Text-to-speech software programs make the world of electronic text, 包括互联网, 对所有学生开放, 即使是那些有阅读困难的人. 旨在加强所有学生学习的技术, 例如电子白板, 迷你笔记本电脑, 便携式笔记设备, 便携式无线电子书, 和网络2.0 learning environments are transforming the way that all students interact with the curriculum, but they are also breaking down potential obstacles for students with learning disabilities. Dr. Cervone believed that “learning should be a nurturing of success rather than a cataloguing of errors.” In every way we should focus on what students can do well, not on what they cannot do well. We are continually finding ways to help students to work to their strengths, and technology innovations and a focus on 21st-century skills are working hand-in-hand in ways that allow us to serve all of our students--those with learning disabilities and those without--better and better all the time. Now more than ever we can see “that the best principles of learning for students with differences or disabilities are the best principles for all students.”

-Jo Prockop,埃德蒙五世的导演. 塞万提斯学习中心