Day and 登机; Grades 6-12



In addition to preparing students for college-level study in the future, 该计划的目标是双重的. A central goal is to identify each student’s educational difficulties and to address them through individually tailored academic supports and accommodations. A second goal is to help the student to access and participate in the school’s college preparatory curriculum. The student plays an essential collaborative role in this process.


The key strategy employed by the 塞万提斯学习中心 is the Compensatory Skills (CS) class, a daily one-to-one class designed to address compensatory strategies, 在某些情况下, 修复. The CS teacher begins the year by completing an assessment of the student’s strengths and areas of academic need. This assessment includes a thorough review of the student’s academic history and formal psychological and educational evaluations. This may also include the administration of tests designed to assess the student’s specific instructional needs, 例如, an Informal Reading Inventory that assesses the student’s reading level, 阅读理解能力, 和单词阅读技能. 从最初的评估过程, an educational plan is developed that is referred to as the Compensatory Skills Plan (CSP). The CSP is the framework for establishing short and long-term instructional objectives for addressing individual needs within the CS class and for helping the student to develop strategies for managing the academic material presented in other classes. Included in this plan is a focus on developing skills of self-advocacy.

Various instructional methods are used within the CS class to address individual needs, 适当的. These may include methods for improving reading skills such as Lexia (a computer-based reading program), Lindamood贝尔和, 威尔逊方法的组成部分, 或其他与奥顿·吉林厄姆相关的方法. 其他方法, such as a Process Approach or Inspiration (a computer-based idea mapping program) may be used to improve writing skills. 学生 may also be taught to use assistive technologies such as voice recognition or text-to-speech programs, 以及有声读物的使用, 帮助他们弥补技能上的不足.

Strategies for helping students learn to manage the academic material presented in other classes include a focus on study and organizational skills, particularly in the preparation for tests and the completion of longterm projects. 学生 are expected to develop an understanding of the way they learn best, and attention is given to how well students are using learned strategies in their work in other courses.

Sixth-grade students enroll in a Compensatory Skills class in conjunction with their other courses. 七年级到十二年级, a student will in most cases have a 塞万提斯学习中心 (LC) 英语 class and may have an LC class in mathematics as well as a Compensatory Skills class. These small LC classes are taught by content-area teachers who understand the accommodations needed to present course material to students who struggle in a specific academic area. They follow the same general curriculum as a standard course, but the size of the class makes accommodation possible in the presentation of the material and provides the individual attention that assists learning. 除此之外,学生遵循标准的学习课程.


The goal for most students is to transition out of LC classes before graduation from 正规买球app排行 and to achieve the independence and confidence that will help to assure them success in college and beyond.